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Summer is in full swing, Not quite sure what to wear to the Beach? Try out the new Vintage Beachwear in the marketplace.

Sanctum of Rebirth Coming July 22!

Sanctum of Rebirth, our first ever Boss Dungeon, arrives on July 22 2024!

Prepare for the Sanctum of Rebirth with new Underworld Hard & Elite Area Tasks, arriving the week before release on July 15th 2024.

Check out this recent post to get up to speed!

Vintage Beachwear Outfit
Serving vintage at the Beach

Not quite sure what to wear to the Beach? Looking for something classy, yet classical? Why not try the new Vintage Beachwear outfit? Pick it up in the marketplace for 167 RuneCoins - or 150 for Members!

This outfit has the following pieces:

  • Vintage Beachwear Top
  • Vintage Beachwear Legs
  • Vintage Beachwear Sandals

Important Message for Players using Facebook Login
Protecting your account

As part of our efforts to improve account security we will be retiring the ability to login via Facebook later this summer. Players who use this login method will need to upgrade to a Jagex Account in order to continue using that character.

You can find full instructions on how to upgrade your account here but we have included a short version below.

I already have a Jagex Account: If you already have a Jagex Account, you can add this character to your existing Jagex Account:

  1. Head here to upgrade.
  2. Log into your character using the 'Log in with Facebook / UOL / Axeso5' button and then click 'Start'.
  3. When asked to create a new Jagex Account click on the 'Already signed up? Log in here' link, as shown below.

I do not have a Jagex Account yet: If you do not already have a Jagex Account, you can create a new Jagex Account by upgrading your character:

  1. Head here to upgrade.
  2. Log into your character using the 'Log in with Facebook / UOL / Axeso5' button and then click 'Start'.
  3. Follow the onscreen steps to create a brand new Jagex Account.

Once you're done, you can log into the Jagex Launcher using your Jagex Account address and password, and then select your newly imported character!

July 9th: Scheduled Maintenance
Begins 09:00 BST

We have scheduled essential planned maintenance for all RuneScape and Old School game worlds on Tuesday July 9th at 09:00-12:00* (BST) / 01:00-04:00* (PST) / 18:00-21:00* (AEST).

During this period, all game worlds will be temporarily unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this downtime and will keep players informed of any changes to this estimated schedule.

*approximated end of downtime.

Developer Discussions, Livestreams and more!

July 10th: J-Mod Stream - RuneSkill and Chill: Scaping with Shrike

Sit down with Mod Hooli as we brush off some Archaeology and chat with Mod Shrike. Catch the stream live on our Official Twitch Channel at 15:00 Game time.

Patch Notes
Fixes and Improvements in this Week's Game Update

Quest 🧙‍♂️

  • Fixed a typo in the message that players receive upon finishing a Slayer Task without previously finishing the Smoking Kills quest.
  • The player will no longer be stuck in dialogue when talking to the Blackjack seller and the Street Urchin on mobile.
  • The Daemonheim cutscene during the Curse of the Black Stone quest has been changed to work with the graphically updated area.

General 🔧

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Wergali Incense Sticks' GE price to be missing from the Examine text.
  • Auto-redeeming Prismatic Stars now correctly mentions bonus experience in the chat message.
  • A lone Dwellberry bush has been removed in Catherby.
  • Removed a reference to the RuneScape forums from Iconis' dialogue. The dialogue now explains that Photobooth photos are still being sent to the website but are no longer visible on the forums.
  • Players can no longer obtain Bone Fragments for the Raptor while Dungeoneering.
  • Updated audio in the Kandarin Region to better fit with the newly updated graphics.
  • Improved clickbox on Crux Eqal Knights in Garden of Kharid.
  • Fixed an issue within the Dominion Tower that caused Arrav to stop attacking the player.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the implemented limit for Bond Voucher purchases to function incorrectly for some players.
  • Updated the Grave Scorpion model.
  • Adjusted the Runecoin price of the Ceremonial Djinn outfit and the Tithe Collector's pack.
  • The Croesus boss pet examine description should now display the correct boss killcount.

Engine ⚙

  • Fixed an issue where lines appeared in the water around Um.
  • Fixed an issue where visuals for particle effects on equipped items could sometimes become corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue causing unclickable wisps, fountains and chronicle fragments in crowded Divination areas.
    • Developers Note: This issue has been a persistent one and we will be closely monitoring this fix.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when internet connection is lost on Android.
  • Fixed an issue where switching between models with different particle effects in interfaces would result in those effects lingering in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue with a rare case of skybox texture corruption on AMD graphics cards.
  • Fixed an issue where changing graphic settings from the login screen can cause indefinite loading screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the Low Water Detail graphic setting could cause a crash in some areas.
  • Fixed an issue where changing Lighting Quality graphic settings could cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where a memory leak would affect some Qualcomm Android devices, especially USA Samsung devices.
  • Optimised texture loading on Qualcomm Android devices.
  • Improved client launch stability.
  • Improved volumetric effect stability.

Treasure Hunter Calendar
What's up next?

Starts July 10th | Ends July 10th | Tinkerer's Trail

The Tinkerer's workshop is in full production mode! Collect curios to earn modified multipliers all the way up to x8!

Starts July 11th | Ends July 15th | Vault of Riches

The Vault of Riches is overflowing once more... Time to get your hands on the brand new Emerald, Ruby, Diamond and Gold Top Hat!

The latest updates from our community

Community Showcase


Scaper's Screenshots

Pink Skirts Player Events

Each week the Pink Skirts put on a selection of fun activities that everyone can join. Here are the main events this week:

  • Hosted By: M e r c y and Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Thursday July 9th, 17:00 Gametime
  • Location: The Heart of Gielinor - Zamorak Lobby
  • World: 35
  • FC: Helpscape
  • Hosted By: Discord Mentors
  • Date/Time: Sunday July 14th, 19:15 Gametime
  • Location: Ardougne Zoo
  • World: 60
  • FC: Ahelp
  • Hosted By: M e r c y and Helpscape
  • Date/Time: Wednesday July 10th, 12:00 Gametime
  • Location: The Heart of Gielinor - Sliske Lobby
  • World: 35
  • FC: Helpscape

If these don't take your fancy, take a look at the full events schedule here. There’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy!

Community Spotlight

Fashionscapers / Screeniescape

It's that time of year again! Summer is finally here and FashionScapers will be joining our friends at ScreenieScape to enjoy some seasonal fun together on the Beach. We would love you to join us meeting old friends and new, dancing, taking some lovely group outfit photos together, skilling and chilling. We will also be running a token swapperoo/giveaway for anyone missing cosmetics, so feel free to bring any old cosmetic tokens along!

  • Where: The Beach, Lumbridge Crater
  • World: 25
  • When: 12th July 2024 Time: 20:00UTC
  • What to bring: Your best-loved summer outfits and accessories!

FashionScapers is a Discord server where you can share FashionScape ideas and find inspiration and advice on outfits and individual cosmetics alike. They are a chill and friendly community that loves to have fun and endeavor to create a caring, inclusive and supportive environment.

ScreenieScape is a community for everyone who loves to take screenshots of the amazing world of Gielinor. They love to share their captures with each other as well sharing inspiration, ideas and editing tips. We also enjoy hosting in game meet ups from time to time, usually on a cool theme, where we gather together to take some group screenshots and have a lot of fun.

- The RuneScape Team

Mods Astar, Azanna, Bak, Balkan, Bam, Blkwitch, Boko, Brat, Breezy, Brig, Camel, Chaose, Dark, Daze, Desert, Dorn, Dragon, Drew, Drewid, Easty, Echo, Fallen, Forza, Fowl, Fox, Frosch, Grace, Helen, Hooli, Ink, Jack, Keyser, Kitsune, Kristy, Luma, Lunatear, Lykos, Lynx, MIC, Mickey, Morty, Muse, Nemo, Neong, Nixon, Noms, Pearce, Pebble, Phoenix, Pigeon, Rain, Ramen, Rowley, Rsguy, Ryan, Samy, Sakura, Shrew, Shrike, Skyefall, Soul, Sponge, Spyro, Stead, Stu, Sukotto, Taelae, Tiger, Timbo, Titus, Toebeans, Tri, Vegard, Volta, Who, Wov, Yuey & Zura

Vintage Beachwear Marketplace Outfit  - This Week In RuneScape  - News - RuneScape - RuneScape (2024)


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