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  • Hello Neighbor | Teddy Duncan X Male Reader

    463 36 1

    Hang in there, baby Things are crazy But I know your future's bright Hang in there, baby There's no maybe Everything turns out alright Sure, life is up and down But trust me, it comes back around You're gonna love who you turn out to be

  • Old Enough | Jessie Prescott X Male Reader

    1.7K 108 4

    Think I need someone older Just a little bit colder Take the weight off your shoulders Think I need someone older

  • Get Loose | Shake It Up X Male Reader

    252 28 1

    So now I gotta cut loose Footloose, kick off the Sunday shoes Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees Jack, get back, come on before we crack Lose your blues, everybody cut footloose

  • His Broke Girls | Male Reader Story

    2K 115 3

    I'm in love, I'm in love with two girls at one time And they tens, that's why I got ten on my mind I got M's, got a lot of M's on my mind And my friends, yeah, I keep my friends on my mind Should repent, I need me some Jesus in my life


  • Y/n's Hoenn Journey

    14K 220 13

    Y/n is a aura guardian from the alola region. Y/n had decided to travel the Hoenn region to begin his journey. Things get interesting when he meets a trainer from pallet town and his Pikachu. What adventures will they have together? Who will they met? What Pokemon will they see? Read to find out

  • Our Gamer boy.~(Yandere Super Smash Bros girls x male teen reader.

    477K 9.2K 56

    Y/N L/N is a 15-year-old Super smash bros fan that's been playing the franchise since he was 4 years old, all the way back to super smash bros for the n64. Now, it was another normal day for him, just playing a few games of online play when all of a sudden his TV screen went blank and only a message displayed that sai...

  • Ancient Echoes - Harry Potter x Male Reader Insert

    529 8 10

    Y/n L/n, a dedicated researcher with an unquenchable curiosity, is driven to explore the forgotten legends and fairy tales that whisper through ancient pages. Lately, he has gained great interest in a particular tale regarding a mysterious group and is determined to seek the truth. His extensive research has led him t...

  • Boss of Eachother (Jenna Ortega x Reader)

    5K 120 8

    You are a young writer, also the executive producer. On the netflix show titled WEDNESDAY. You were chosen overseas for your compelling and great short films on YouTube when you applied to be a writer on Netflix. Now here you are. Friends with your co-worker Jenna Ortega and also aspiring to improve the Wednesday show...

  • The Winds Of Heaven (Annabeth Chase x Male Reader)

    60.9K 2.6K 39

    SEQUEL TO THE PATH OF GLORY "Come against me, if you dare! I am the storm!" Y/N L/N has a problem. He is the son of Hera, the only known demigod the Queen of the Gods ever bore to the world. Or so he and everyone thought, until Zeus revealed his fatal destiny. On his sixteenth birthday, he is to become a god and assum...

  • Love Hurts (Annabeth Chase X Male Reader)

    2.3K 85 5

    (Y/N) Jackson is a son of Hecate, but he's also the younger brother of Percy (more info on that in the prologue). He always seemed to be pushed to the side. He knew it wasn't always intentional, but he couldn't help but feel he was always second to his older brother. So, when he met Annabeth Chase the day he and Percy...

  • The Savior || (Jenna Ortega x Male Reader)

    2.2K 90 13

    In 2020, Y/N L/N, an 18-year-old Mexican-American soccer prodigy, makes his first Major League Soccer (MLS) start with the San Jose Earthquakes. Known for his incredible skills and raw talent, Y/N's debut electrifies the league and sets the stage for a promising career. Amidst the excitement of his professional breakt...

  • Scooby Doo Movies Harem x Incubus Male Reader

    9.8K 327 12

    Y/n is a incubus. He decides to travel to the Scooby doo universe. He and the scooby doo gang solves mysteries. Y/n makes women fall for him.


  • The Prisoner of Azkaban (Hermione x Male Reader)

    1.4K 135 8

    And so, Y/N L/N's adventure continues! In his third year at Hogwarts, where he faces friends, mysteries, and a murderer on the loose.

  • The Miraculous Trio (DISCONTINUED)

    23.4K 491 36

    Y/N just moved in to Paris and was hoping to get a good start at school but his life just got a lot more exciting as he's not only playing the part of an ordinary high school life but also fighting alongside Chat Noir and Ladybug to defeat Hawkmoth's villains. But as time progressed he slowly discovers more about Lady...

  • JUMANJI x Male reader

    138K 2.9K 15

    Jumanji belongs to Chri Van Allsburg (I have seen a lot of Jumanji x reader stories, but none that are male reader. So here's one now!) An update, this isn't just in the first movie, the second movie is also involved in the story.

  • Meant To Be | Gabriella Montez X Male Reader

    741 31 2

    When it's meant to be You go kinda crazy Meant to be You forget your own name When it's meant to be It's destiny callin' And nothing ever will be the same!

  • The Spider and The Amazon (Spider-Man Male Reader x Wonder Woman)

    14.5K 688 14

    Otto Octavius has implanted his mind into Y/N's body, determined to prove himself the "Superior" Spider-Man by being both a better superhero and person than Parker ever could be. But after regaining his body, Y/N was treated like a criminal by everyone, including his family. But what happens when Y/N stumbled upon The...

  • I Guess I'm Part Of The Crew(Male Reader x DC Super Hero Girls Harem)

    91.9K 2.7K 15

    You were just a normal school student trying to get by in his normal school life.But as fate would have it that's not what would happen.Instead you got wrapped up in a bunch of hijinks by wanna be big league super heros.....But hey at least you get to join on their hijinks.

  • Object Of Obsession | Lara Croft x Male Reader

    963 75 7

    Lara Croft had always been a beacon of adventure, her spirit unyielding and her courage unparalleled. When she reached out to me, inviting me on an expedition to the mysterious Desert of Shadows, I couldn't resist. The allure of the unknown and the chance to explore ancient ruins with the legendary Lara Croft was a dr...

  • the journey of a power ranger (On Hold)

    1.7K 62 9

    "With great power comes great responsibility. I made a promise to use my powers to protect, people from the forces of evil. I may not always win the battle but, I won't stop fighting for what's right; but with my friends at my side, I won't be fighting alone in this battle. My name is Y/n and I am a power ranger, a...

  • The Symbiote Avenger (Neglected Male Reader)

    10.1K 405 20

    When Y/N was young he came in contact with a symbiote and after he was abused. Soon after, Venom and Y/N ran away and lived with his grandparents and went into hiding. But what happens when he is invited to join the Avengers?

  • 𝙎𝙋𝙄𝘿𝙀𝙍-𝙈𝘼𝙉: 𝚄𝙽𝙻𝙸𝙼𝙸𝚃𝙴𝙳 (Male! Reader Insert)

    306 25 1

    Alright, let's do this one more time. My name is Y/n L/n. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, And for the past few months, I've been the one and only Spider-Man. This is the story of how I became the leader of The Young Avengers...


    1.8K 36 1


  • Hotel Transylvania: The Hero (Hotel Transylvania X Male!Reader)

    44.5K 1K 33

    Y/n L/n, a vigilante who hunts Monster Hunters finds himself at a Hotel for monsters in Romania, and has to hide his true identity as a human. While there, he meets Mavis, the daughter to Dracula, and the two Zing.

  • The Chamber of Secrets (Hermione x Male Reader)

    3K 202 14

    Yes, we're starting at the second book. Y/N L/N, a young man living in the town of Muggle town of Barnton suddenly gets an invitation to go to the famously enchanting Wizarding school of Britain, Hogwarts, although he is anything but thrilled about it. He never romanticized the idea of becoming a wizard or having a wa...

  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief Son of the chief messenger

    543 32 4

    Join Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Annabeth Chase and Y/N on their journey to the underworld to retrieve the master bolt. The group of hero's will be met with Greek myths and legends coming to life all while powers of biblical proportion help mold the path that they go on. Original story by Rick Riordan.

  • Trapped In The MCU (Male Reader)

    84.6K 2.4K 35

    It was a normal day when Y/N was teleported into the MCU. He must find a way out while helping the Avengers. Will he ever return home or will be forever trapped in this universe?


  • The Forgotten Family (Hermione X Male Reader/OC)

    1.1K 21 11

    Yeah first time writing something Harry potter does not belong to me it belongs to J.K Rowling

  • The Legacy of a Demigod

    9.5K 826 14

    (Sequel to The Nature of a Demigod) A year and a half after the second Titan war, just when everyone has finally settled into their lives, ready to live whatever time they have left, everything starts to go wrong again for the Son of Artemis and the people he loves. Join the 17 year old demigod through another journey...

  • The Nature of a Demigod

    108K 6.2K 96

    Join a young Demigod as he fights, learns, loves, and adventures both by himself and with his newfound companions while he struggles to discover his own nature. [DISCLAIMER: THE PERCY JACKSON SERIES AND ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF THE UNIVERSE BESIDES MY ORIGINAL CHARACTER AND HIS ACTIONS BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN!!!]


  • Mreader 16 - Steath69 - Wattpad (2024)


    Can a 16 year old use Wattpad? ›

    As per the Terms of Service, Wattpad is only available for people who are 13 years of age or older.

    What wattpad story has the most reads? ›

    What are the most read books on Wattpad? It's After series by Anna Todd. This book series is fanfiction Trilogy. Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3 has over 625, 495 and 754 million reads in Wattpad alone, making it the highest read book(s), with over 1.8 billion reads in total.

    Why is Wattpad 17+? ›

    Unfortunately, while Wattpad can be a source of entertainment and creativity for kids, it's also full of content which is inappropriate for young readers. Through stories on Wattpad, children could be exposed to: Suggestive and erotic content, including sex stories and mature themes.

    Should I let my 12 year old have Wattpad? ›

    We do not recommend Wattpad for users under 17. Honestly, you do not even have to look to find inappropriate content. Some parents have a joint account with their child, but they will still be exposed to explicit book descriptions and cover art.

    Does Wattpad have inappropriate content? ›

    Harmful Content 😲

    One of the most popular genres on Wattpad is romance, which often leads to a rating of “Mature” on the site. Stories tagged as Mature can include: Explicit sex scenes. Self-harm themes or scenes (including suicide and eating disorders)

    Is swearing allowed on Wattpad? ›

    You can go beyond it, just be mindful that you may get less readers (and on wattpad, you'll probably get marked mature). There's no magic word count or percentage of f-bombs per story that will tell you it's too much. A lot of that depends on what your reader decides is too much for them.

    Can you be blocked on Wattpad? ›

    You may have been blocked by someone if you are unable to view someone's profile, send them an inbox message, or read or comment on their stories. If you believe you have been blocked by someone, we ask that you respect their decision and do not try to contact them through another account or outside of Wattpad.

    What went wrong Wattpad author? ›

    What Went Wrong by MaggieTearjerky | Goodreads.

    What age uses Wattpad the most? ›

    More than 90 million people use the platform to read and write, spending over 23 billion minutes per month engaged in different stories. 90% of these are users aged 13-40-years-old and many of the writers are older teens or young adults.

    Who uses Wattpad the most? ›

    As of November 2021, Wattpad has more than 90 million monthly users (the majority of whom are younger women) and there are over 665 million story uploads in total.

    What is the minimum age to use Wattpad? ›

    What is Wattpad's minimum age requirement? According to Wattpad's Terms of Service, users must be 13-years-old or older. Anyone under this age will have their account terminated. Wattpad hosts different types of content and some of it is adult in nature.

    What is the age of consent on Wattpad? ›

    Sexual Content on Wattpad

    Wattpad considers content to be p*rnographic when it exists solely for the purpose of sexual stimulation. Age of Consent. The age of consent is 18+ on Wattpad.

    Is Wattpad for all ages? ›

    Unfortunately, despite this rating system, content on Wattpad isn't age-gated, which means kids of all ages can read these stories. According to Wattpad's terms of service, users have to be 13 years old to create an account.

    What age are most Wattpad users? ›

    60+ million monthly users (loads of readers!) 400+ million story uploads (loads of competition for your stories!) 90% of all Wattpad activity is on mobile (Wattpad books are different to traditional books!) Majority of users are female aged between 13-24 (books aimed at this demographic are going to get more reads!)


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