Jenna Ortega family: mother, father and siblings (2024)

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Mother's Name

Natalie Ortega

Siblings names

Mariah Ortega (older sister), Isaac Ortega (older brother), Mia Ortega (older sister), Aliyah Ortega (younger sister), Markus Ortega (younger brother)

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Jenna Ortega family: mother, father and siblings (1)

Who are Jenna Ortega parents?



Jenna was blessed with a great father. As she confessed on Instagram, he helped her to realize her dreams, and she is thankful to him for it now.

Mr. Ortega is of Mexican origin, but his family has been living in USA for ages as of now. That’s why her dad can’t speak Spanish and keeps to American traditions. Nevertheless, the Mexican roots are respected in Jenna’s family. Sometimes they eat Mexican dishes (like tamales), or break a piñata for the kid’s birthday.

Natalie Ortega (mother)


Jenna has lots of bright women (actresses) around her and she uses some of them as role models. But the main person, who serves as the example for her, is Natalie Ortega, her mother.

This great woman gave birth to 6 kids and raised them in love. Now she cares about her two grandchildren, and looks very young at the same time to be called “a granny”.

Mrs. Ortega was born in the family of Mexican and Puerto Rican immigrants. Natalie’s grandmother illegally immigrated from a small village in Mexico to USA. Jenna’s mother is bilingual, she speaks English and Spanish equally well. She married the love of her life, Mr. Ortega, at a very young age. Both dreamed to have a big family – and now they have a handful of children.

In spite of a busy schedule at home, Natalie balanced her motherhood with a regular and important job. She served as a nurse in an emergency.

Now she is a best friend for her daughter Jenna and other kids in her family.

Jenna Ortega siblings

Mariah Ortega (older sister)

Mariah is Jenna’s older sister. She is not a public person. The woman has already been married and has kids.

Isaac Ortega (older brother)


Date of birth: January 1, 1998

Isaac is the oldest boy in the Ortega family. He studies at Grand Canyon University. Previously, he was a student at Xavier College Prep School. Like other members of the Ortega breed, he is very focused on his family.

Mia Ortega (older sister)


Date of birth: May 15, 2000

Mia and Jenna are very close. At the same time, the sisters can laugh at each other on social media sometimes. For example, once Jenna congratulated Mia on Twitter and reminded that the latter one “is getting old”, while Mia called the actress “ugly” in respond.

But aside from any jokes, the girls are real friends. Jenna understands that Mia and their other siblings felt quite uncomfortable, when Mrs. Ortega, their mother, was away from home for months, staying near Jenna at the film set. But Ortega kids are not just cute. They are also very unselfish.

Now Mia is a beautiful young lady. She still lives in Coachella, CA and is a bright social media star.

Aliyah Ortega (younger sister)


Date of birth: July 23, 2004

Aliyah is Jenna’s younger sister. She is a twin sister of Markus Ortega, too. The girl gained wide popularity as Jenna’s sibling. But due to her beauty, vivid nature and talent for sports, she became an independent social media star. The girl boasts with 112k+ subscribers.

Aliyah is a soccer player and a cheerleader in her school. Besides, she creates short funny videos for the Tik Tok platform.

Markus Ortega (younger brother)


Date of birth: July 23, 2004

The younger brother of Jenna, Markus shares his talent to entertain people with her, but he does it mostly through social media. He founded a YouTube channel and quickly gained 6k+ subscribers there. His Instagram account boasts with 30k+ followers, although he is not so active on social media now.


She is a talented young actress, who has already participated in several serious movies and has already met Hollywood A-listers at the film set. Thus, she was the screen daughter of Miguel Ferrer hero in “Iron Man Three”. The other actors, busy in the movie, are Robert Downey Jr andGwyneth Paltrow.

She was born as Jenna Marie Ortega in Coachella Valley, CA. The girl has five siblings. She rose to fame like many other modern young stars – through acting on Disney Channel. In Jenna’s case that was the role of a creative child Harley Diaz in the sitcom “Stuck in the Middle”. The young actress has immediately come to producers’ attention mostly due to her natural play. Very soon she was cast into another, more serious TV show “Jane the Virgin”, where she played the younger version of Gina Rodriguez.

By the way, Gina and Jenna have cordial relationships. The older actress serves as the role model for Jenna. Ms. Rodriguez taught her to spread love in social media and not to pay attention to what people say.

Now Jenna works both, as an actress and a model. She has already endorsed the apparel giant “Old Navy”, the food brand “Burger King” and several other companies. Recently she has announced to her fans that she was cast in the upcoming movie “The Babysitter 2”, produced by Netflix.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jenna is single as of now. Previously she dated the actor Isaak Presley. She was also rumored to date the social media starJacob Sartorius.
  2. Her height is 4 ft 10 in and her weight is 95 pounds.
  3. She doesn’t like to exercise and probably, she doesn’t need it, because her body is perfect.
  4. She is a big fan of cooking shows and watches them regularly on TV.
  5. Her music idols areRihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears.
Jenna Ortega family: mother, father and siblings (2024)


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